Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon

It has been such a pleasure to see BV Islanders of every persuasion rallying around to resist British imperialism.[1]  There have been many radio talk-shows and presentations to the public.  They show our people maturing as a nation as we come together to fight a common enemy.  All patriots are invited to rally round.  The ex-patriots are invited too.
How dare Lord Ahmad ask our Chief Minister if he really understands the seriousness of our own financial position?  The good Lord Ahmad has never even visited to see our position.  What does he know of us?  Does he think we are children to be spoken to in this way?
The £300 million grant was never intended to be used for fiscal engineering.  It was promised to us as emergency hurricane relief.  We are entitled to it free and clear.  They never said there would be conditions.  They tricked us.  They continue to abuse us in an evil, exploitative colonial system.  The £300 million is reparations.  They owe it to us.
After all, for decades the British Governor sat in the chair in Executive Council.  He observed our Ministers misusing our own taxpayers’ money.  He said nothing.  He was complicit in every bad decision they made.  What right does Lord Ahmad have now to insist that we properly use and account for British taxpayers’ money?  None at all.  It is payback time.
The British gave us the secretive, manipulative system we struggle under.  Why do they talk now about transparency, integrity and accountability?  The Chief Auditor has for many years refused to give our public accounts a clean certificate.  The FCO could have insisted on high standards then.  But they let us carry on our little ways.  What has now changed?
Come on, Lord Ahmad, no more stalling.  Just drop the moolah on us.  We will very efficiently share it around amongst ourselves.  Let all the big contracts come to us and our friends.  It will work its way down through all the crevices and crannies in society.  That is how trickle-down economics works.  That’s the way to stimulate the economy.  Look at it as our version of quantitative easing.
We have done it before.  We can do it again.  Just give us the £300 million without any conditions.  Or, we will report you to the United Nations as colonial exploiters.  Worse, we will go independent!  Once we are independent we will have no restrictions on begging for international money.  No one will check our accounts to see how we spend it.  We will at last be masters of our own ineptitude.  That will show you.