Saturday, April 19, 2008

Draft Constitution of Anguilla, 2008

The "Constitution of Anguilla 2008" was a draft prepared at the request of the Chief Minister to demonstrate how the 2006 recommendations made by the Constitutional and Electoral Reform Commission for constitutional reform would look on paper.  The Report of the Commission itself can be accessed on the government website here:

It was thought by the Chief Minister’s Committee on constitutional reform that the people of Anguilla would best be able to comprehend the nature and effect of the recommendations if they were rendered into an actual draft. 

The resulting draft was lost in the subsequent upheavals of the Anguillian political scene.  However, for what it is worth, and to avoid the complete loss of the work that went into its production, I present it here for the use and interest of anyone who may care.

Note: You do not need to open a Dropbox account if your access is blocked and you are invited to do so.  Simply click on the background and the document will appear and can be downloaded.